“…Some days what I do is fascinating. Other days it’s enough to make me wish I worked at a wine bar or a t-shirt shop in the Florida Keys."

                 Brian Tannebaum, introduction, xiii

When an author speaks frankly about the practice of law and articulates a thought that has echoed through my own mind at one time or another, I am compelled to keep reading.

I recommend this book to any professional, but it will be of particular interest to anyone curious about the business of law.

Several years ago I left my position as a staff lawyer at Nova Scotia Legal Aid to establish my own practice.

Trying to be a good lawyer while running and developing a business is an ongoing experiment with respect to operating procedures. It demands a constant assessment of how to make better choices so as to lead a more productive and balanced life.

Enter Mr. Tannebaum. He speaks from his own experiences as a litigator in the trenches who also runs a business and carves out time for himself, his family and his other interests.

The advice that he provides is opinionated and blunt, which makes for an entertaining read. But do not mistake his cynicism for the vacuous commentary of a mean-spirited troll. It is not. He is passionate about his work and he has a clear vision of what it means to be a professional.

Mr. Tannebaum is not a marketing guru. He is not trying to sell you a subscription to his website that will provide you with a step-by-step path to a successful practice.

Rather, he is a practitioner who espouses putting in the necessary effort to earn a reputation as a skilled and trustworthy lawyer. A practitioner who has generously taken the time to collect and share some of his thoughts about what he has learned over his first twenty years of practice. 

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