It is a sad fact of life that any one of us may have to defend ourselves against an allegation that has no substance.

Anyone who has been in this situation, or has ever been the subject of unwarranted gossip or a rumour, understands that a mere allegation can have devastating consequences. The rush to judgment that often occurs before the individual has even had an opportunity to respond to the allegation is disconcerting.

The Hunt, a 2012 Danish film starring Mads Mikkelson, is unsettling because it requires the audience to identify with a character who is experiencing the nightmare of facing an unfounded allegation.

It compels the viewer to appreciate that even in emotionally charged cases, there may be another side to the story and that just because someone says something does not necessarily mean that it is true.

The film also effectively dramatizes how a simple lie can take on a life of its own and how the stain of an allegation may linger, even after it has been shown to be without merit.

Highly recommended.

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