Yesterday's dangerous idea is today's orthodoxy and tomorrow's cliche.

Richard Dawkins, Afterword What is Your Dangerous Idea?, edited by John Brockman, (2007), First Harper Perennial Edition, 2007, page 296

It is critical to set aside time to step back from the immersion of practice in order to gain perspective. Regular debriefing of the practice of criminal law as a whole is just as important as debriefing an individual case prior to closing a file.

As a new group of students begin their studies at law schools across the country in the days ahead, counsel may want to ponder the following issues:

What is right, and wrong, with how we do things today? 

What are the current challenges, and opportunities, for criminal practitioners?

What approaches or conceptual frameworks need to be revisited?

What novel ideas may become standard practices in the years ahead?

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