My friend Bushnell Keeler…said an artist needs at least four hours of…uninterrupted time, to get one good hour of painting done. …Every interruption is like a knife stab in the middle of thought and getting into it. You have to start again. …It’s horrible. These days there are interruptions around every corner. Almost every second. 

David Lynch, David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film,, 2019, Lecture 4, Creativity and the Writing Process

Interruptions are the plague of modern professional life.

You do not have to be subject to the unrelenting intrusion of electronic devices – doomed to spend your waking hours being buzzed and prodded at the whim of others. 

If you want to produce anything of substance, you have to focus. This means creating a protective environment that insulates you from distractions – a space that allows you to collect your thoughts and to come up with creative solutions for difficult problems.

Close your door. Put away your cell phone. Turn off your e-mail.

Inform your office and your clients when you do not want to be disturbed.


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