Advocacy demands diligent preparation, the extent of which may only be appreciated by practitioners and their families. 

 Every hour of trial time involves countless hours of pre-trial preparation, including:

·     Reviewing the disclosure materials;

·     Interviewing the accused;

·     Conducting any necessary defence investigation, including interviewing potential witnesses and visiting the scene;

·     Performing necessary legal research; 

·     Preparing trial binders;

·     Annotating transcripts for ease of reference during cross-examination; 

·     Memorizing all pre-trial statements to allow counsel to recognize when a witness is providing a different account on the stand relative to what was said before trial;

·     Drafting witness examinations and experimenting with sequencing of different topics;

·     Preparing the accused and other witnesses to testify; 

·     Preparing exhibits; and 

·     Drafting submissions. 

What may appear effortless to the casual observer belies the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. 

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