…When you have a lot of characters wondering around, you need to help your reader. …One of the ways I have always liked to do that is (through a technique) I call ‘funny hats’. …You give your character something that makes that character different from every other character in the book. …

Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling, Masterclass.com, 2019, Lecture 9, Dialogue and Character

When an alleged incident involves multiple parties, the judge or the jury has to keep track of the role of each individual. It is important to remember that the judge or the jury is hearing the account for the first time and does not know the case as well as counsel. Confusion results if it is not clear who a witness is talking about.

As the narrative unfolds, counsel may want to highlight a particular identifying trait that serves to make each party memorable during witness examinations. Just as authors use techniques to help readers remember different characters in a work of fiction, counsel may want to emphasize unique verbal or physical quirks to ensure that the actions of another party are not misattributed to their client.

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