If you are under police investigation or you have been charged with a criminal offence, you are in an extremely vulnerable position.

Your liberty, your reputation, and your livelihood may be at stake.

The choices that you make during this stressful and traumatic time, including any words that you say, may have serious, lifelong consequences for both you and your family.

You need an experienced criminal defence lawyer to help you to navigate your way through this minefield. More specifically, you need someone:

  • Who helps you to understand your rights, your obligations and the choices that are available to you;
  • Who provides you with frank and practical advice;
  • Who cares about your case, keeps you informed and is available to discuss your concerns;
  • Who is thoroughly prepared and gives your case the special attention and focus that it deserves; and
  • Who acts in your best interests and treats your case with discretion.

I know that good people are sometimes called upon to confront allegations that are simply untrue or are exaggerated.

I also know that good people sometimes stumble and do things that they regret. I understand that an individual is more than his or her worst mistakes.

If you choose to contest an allegation that has been made against you, I will thoroughly prepare and present your defence at trial.

If you choose to accept responsibility for an allegation, or some aspect of it, I will focus my efforts on securing a favourable resolution. 

I also provide information and advice to complainants and other witnesses in criminal proceedings.

Each case is different. Each case deserves a creative and tailored approach. Whatever path your case takes I will work closely with you and diligently represent your interests at each stage of the process.